Our team is able to help private and corporate clients with specialist advice in the following areas:-

Inheritance Tax Planning

Failure to consider the implication of Inheritance tax on your estate could lead to tax being charged at 40% of your assessable estate. In many instances this tax can be mitigated with appropriate advice, which will mean that as much of your estate as possible will pass to your family rather than to the Exchequer.

Retirement Planning

For those clients approaching retirement, advice can be provided on the most appropriate options available, including;
- Annuity Purchase
- Income Drawdown
- Phased Retirement

Pension Planning

For those looking to provide for a comfortable retirement, advice can be provided on the variety of options currently available

Investment Strategies

For clients considering the investment of a lump sum or regular savings, bespoke investment advice including;
- Asset Allocation and Structured Portfolio Planning
- Tax Efficient Arrangements
- Trustee Investments

Long Term Care

For those seeking advice on care needs and funding solutions, taking into account Local Authority Arrangements, Legislation and Personal Circumstances for clients considering utilising equity in their properties we are also able to offer advice on Home Income and Reversion Schemes.

Personal Financial Management

For those looking for advice on the general areas of financial planning including;
- Mortgages
- Life Assurance and Critical illness Protection
- Income Protection
- Funding Children's Education
- Private Medical Insurance

Corporate Planning

For those directors and business owners looking to review their arrangements to ensure cost efficiency, maximise tax effectiveness and maintain the successful running of their businesses including;
- Business Exit arrangements
- Director and Partner Protection
- Pension and Retirement Strategies
- Employee Benefit Schemes
- Corporate Investment


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